Whatsapp About To Launch Video Calling On Andriod You Can Test It Now

Recently WhatsApp video calling feature was roll out to iOS beta testers, it is now been roll out to Android beta testers and I think this is a step up considering the facts that it wasn’t too long ago when WhatsApp rolled out its call features.

With WhatsApp video call in place, it will be competing with Skype IM.

According to screenshots, instead of immediately initiating an audio call when the call icon is tapped, two options will pop up. Unfortunately, as of now it seems the feature is not enabled to all users, with some getting the 'Video Calling is unavailable at this time' error message, however, some other users are reporting using it.

WhatsApp’s video call feature is still at the beta phase so I’m guessing the official release will be coming with the next update… Just stay chill and wait for the update.
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