Why Can't I Trust MTN? Data Zapping Continues...

In as much as MTN I trying all they can to win their customers back, they shouldn’t be using dubious means to defraud data subscribers… I’m aware they’ve been trying by all means to release cheap data plans but to every cheap data plans, lies a price tag secretly attached to it without you knowing.

Glo data plans are extremely cheap but the price tag attached to it, is slow motion connection. A times it can take you ages of connecting, disconnecting, and reconnecting before it will fairly gain stability for some couples of minutes before it disconnect again.

MTN 1.5GB and 3.5GB is not what they claim it is. I have tested both plans and it appears 1.5GB is just 800MB and 3.5GB is just 1.6GB because both subscription finishes within days and not even weeks without downloading. I decided to keep mute maybe it's my prostitute MTN sim that has the fault; not until when I over heard all manner of complaints from clients and fellow readers of the same issues.

MTN, why give us an egg with your right hand, and collect a chicken with your left hand? This is not just at all.

Who have subscribed to any of these two packages? Does yours Zap or the data charges are normal? Kindly let us know.
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