Do You Know That Google Records & Monitors You ?

This may surprise most people who are using android phones that google keeps record of almost if not all of the things they do with there phones.

How These Works:

Once you are signed in to your gmail account using any browser, google automatically stores your search history and also stores your voice if you are using a voice search command and also keeps record of all your activity on all its product online including the IP Address you used.

Why They Keep Your Record:

this makes your search result perfect in the sense that it uses your previous search history to improve your current search result and makes your experience with google wonderful.

But the good news is you can listen and see all your histories google has served and alswel delete all of the information if you want to.

To do that, go to Google history page and see all the recordings you’ve made so far.

If You Want To Turn It Off:

It is very much possible to turn it Off, the easiest way to stop Google recording everything is to turn off the virtual assistant and never to use voice search.
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