How to Delete All Messages in Your Facebook Inbox at Once

Facebook is the biggest social networking site with trillions of already registered users on their network. If you’ve not heard about Facebook, then you’re probably not in this world, maybe you’re reading this blog post from Pluto.

Recently, I was looking for a method to delete all chat conversation on my Facebook inbox, I even had to visit Facebook support, but they claimed that there was no solution for that. According to their support, the only option available was for me to delete each conversation, going from one contact to another to delete conversation which seems to be stressful. The below snapshot explains it all… they knew no option was available for that.

Finally, I came across this trick that lets me delete all facebook messages at once… so; I’ll be revealing similar trick and procedure to you.

How to Delete All Messages in Your Facebook Inbox at Once

1. Firstly, download “Facebook – delete all messages” extension and add the extension to your chrome browser.

2. After that, log into your Facebook account and go to your inbox where you get to see all messages you’ve with your friends.

3. Next, at the right corner of your chrome browser, you’ll see the extension icon, simply click on it and instructions on how to use the extension would be shown to you.

4. Finally, you’re to click on the begin delete button, and you’ll get a pop up confirming your action to delete all facebook messages, simply click OK.

5. That’s it. All Facebook chat history and messages would be deleted permanently.

That’s all on how to delete all Facebook chat history. This method works perfectly and it’s the fastest means to deleting all Facebook messages in a single click. If you encounter any difficulty during the process, please do let me know via comment section. Don’t forget to share this trick with your friends.
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