How to make a 3D Hologram using any Smartphone

Ever wanted to see what holograms looks like? I know that most of you might’ve heard about holograms and see what it looks like on movie, but haven’t given it a try using a smartphone. Do you know that with your Android, windows or iOS device, you can easily make a 3D hologram display?

I came across this video tutorial (which I already shared below) that shows us how we can easily generate a 3D hologram from our smartphones. As long as your device comes with high display resolution, then you’ll get a very clear hologram.

 According to the video guide, there are some requirements needed to make this happen. This includes a graph paper, CD case, tapes or super glue, pen, scissors, knife or grass cutter and your smartphone.

Once you’ve the requirements listed above, all you need to do is make use of your graph paper, pen and ruler to draw a rhombus shape. In the video, they made use of 1cm by 3.5cm by 6cm… you can increase yours, but let it be a rhombus shape and then use a scissors to cave out the shape. After that, you place the caved paper in the cd case and cave out the CD case with similar shape and measurement, let it be in places, then make use of your tape or glue to hold them together in a 3 dimensional rhombus shape form as displayed in the video, place it on your smartphone and you’ll get a 3D hologram.

If the above explanation isn’t clear to you, simply watch the video guide, and you’ll get it right.
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