How to Root T-Mobile LG G5 H830

LG G5 is the most innovative smartphone launched this year in the design aspect. It is the first smartphone to sport a full metal body with a modular design. LG G5 is a complete design overhaul as compared to its predecessor LG G4. Specwise LG G5 sports all the latest hardware that you would expect from a 2016 flagship device. On the software front, you get a toned downed version of LG UI based on Android Marshmallow 6.0.1. One may or may not like the LG’s UI and to enhance your user experience with your device you may root your device using the guide given below.

T-Mobile and LG were going back on forth on making the device’s bootloader unlockable or rather the rumors were going back and forth about it. But finally, we have the unlockable bootloader for T-Mobile LG G5. Taking advantage of unlocked bootloader of T-Mobile LG G5 Xda developer tungkick has been successful in rooting the T-mobile LG G5 H830. He is known for his work on LG devices and rooting them.

Here is the step by step guide for rooting your LG G5(H830).


Before proceeding with this guide you must backup all of your data to a secure location. Backup all the application, photos, music, and all other important data you might have on your device. You may transfer the data to your PC or use an application that will backup everything to your external storage or to the cloud.

You may use the LG Bridge software on your PC for easy backup and restore of all the data.
Things you Will need:
  • LG Drivers
  • USB drivers required for LGUP to recognize your device| Link
  • LGUP Software
  • LGUP_Lab_Frame_Ver_1_11.msi
  • LGH830_DLL.msi
  • SuperSU Zip File | Link
  • Disable DM-verify Zip file | Link
  • LG H830 Root TOT File | Link

Steps to Follow

Step 1. Download and install LGUP_Lab_Frame_Ver_1_11.msi from the link given above on your PC.

Step 2. Then Download and install LGH830_DLL.msi from the link given above on your PC. Also, download the TOT file on your PC from the link given above. Extract this file to get the .tot file, you may use any file unzipping tool.

Step 3. Make sure your PC has ADB and Fastboot drivers installed, if not follow this guide “How to Setup ADB and Fastboot on Windows within Seconds“.

Step 4. Now move to your phone and enable USB Debugging. To do so first enable Developer Options by going into Settings> About Phone and then tapping Build Number multiple times. Once your phone shows a toast message that “You are now a Developer!” you have successfully enabled Developer Options.

Step 5. Now open the Developer Options and enable the option that says USB Debugging and the one that says OEM Unlocking. Now plug in your phone to your PC using a USB cable.

Step 6. Now open Minimal ADB and Fastboot on your and type the following command in the window:
adb reboot bootloader

Step 7. The above step would reboot your device into Fastboot mode. Once your device has booted in the Fastboot mode type the following command:
fastboot oem unlock

Keep in mind this step will wipe all your data on your device, so backup everything before proceeding with this step.

Step 8. Now type the following command to reboot your device:
fastboot reboot

Step 9. Now reboot your device into Download mode. To do so, power off your device and then press and hold Power+ Volume Up button for few seconds. Once your device is in Download mode, connect your device to your PC once again.

Step 10. Now open LGUP which you installed on your PC in Step 1. Then choose UPGRADE and choose the .tot file that you extracted in step 2. Then click on Start button to start the process.

Step 11. Once the process finishes, boot your device into TWRP. To do so:
Power off device.
Hold power and volume Down button.
Wait until Lg logo appears.
Release Power button only for one second while continuing to hold vol down. After the second elapsed press and hold the power button until it boots into recovery.

Step 12. Now select Wipe option in TWRP, then swipe to perform a Factory Reset. Now go back to the main screen of TWRP> Advanced > ADB Sideload. Make sure your device is connected to your PC.

Step 13. Download the SuperSU and Disable DM verify zip files on your PC. Now type the following command in the Minimal ADB and Fastboot window:
adb sideload

(Now drag and drop the SuperSU zip file over the command window and press Enter)

Wait for it to flash then again type the following command:
adb sideload

(Now drag and drop the Disbable DM-verify zip file over the command window and press Enter)

Step 14. Reboot your device to system.

Congrats! You have successfully rooted your T-Mobile LG G5. Enjoy rooted device and customize it according to your needs. You may check if your device is successfully rooted or not by installing Root checker application from the link given below.

Root Checker

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