How To Screenshot in all Tecno Android Phones

How To screenshot in Tecno Phantom 5 Tecno WinPad 10 (A7) Tecno PhonePad 7 II Tecno Camon C9 Tecno Camon C8 Tecno Camon C5 Tecno Boom J8 Tecno Boom J7 Tecno Boom J5 Tecno 7C (DroiPad 7) Tecno 8H (DroiPad 8) Tecno Y6 Tecno Y5 Tecno Y4 Tecno Y3 Tecno Phantom Z (A7) Tecno Phantom Pad (N9) Tecno Phantom Pad Mini (P9) Tecno Phantom A plus (F7) Tecno Phantom PAD Ⅱ Tecno Phantom A2 (F8) Tecno S9 Pad Tecno Phantom A3 Tecno R7 Tecno S3 Tecno S5 Tecno S7 Tecno F5 Tecno F6 Tecno P5 Tecno H5 Tecno H6 Tecno H7 Tecno M3 Tecno M5 Tecno Q1 Tecno D1 Tecno D5 Tecno D3 Tecno D9 Tecno L3 Tecno N3 Tecno N7 techno camon c9

  • Press and Hold down the volume up key and the power key simultaneously for two (2) seconds
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