How To Send Files From Android To iPhone Using Xender

Impossible is nothing, who said its not possible to send files from Android to iPhone? Our favourite and most trusted Xender app have made it possible, the latest update of Xender can transfer files with ease from your Android phone to iPhone. Not only that, there was also provision to send files to your PC using this app. To make this possible you only need to install Xender on PC too.

Do you need to transfer files between phones or between your phone and computer? Have you tried Xender to experience the coolest all-in-one file transfer and sharing app! Forget about tangled cables, annoyingly slow Bluetooth, apps that consumes mobile data and tools that need you to install software on your computer.

Xender transfers anything you want, from documents, music, pictures, to videos and apps, in an instant with a few taps. Besides connection and transfer between Android devices, Xender also allows transfers between Android and iOS. With the new Connect PC mode, Xender transfers everything you need between your phone and your computer, be it PC, MAC or Chromebook.

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Xender Features

Phone to Phone
No USB, no internet, no data usage!
Transfers everything – files, pictures, music, videos, even apps!
Extremely fast – imagine sending your party video to friends in seconds!
Supports group sharing to up to 4 devices.
Supports cross platform transfer and sharing between Android and iOS devices.

Phone to PC/MAC
Connects your phone to any PC/MAC – even other people’s, anywhere!
Transfers everything – files, pictures, music, videos, even apps!
No need to install any software on PC/MAC.
Support off-line mode with high transfer speed and no internet is needed!


Let’s take a quick run through of the process below.

Step 1: Launch the Xender app on your android phone and leave it running. Tap on Connect Phone, look at the down left side of the page and tap on Connect iPhone.

Step 2: On your iPhone device, go to settings > Wi-Fi > Tap on the WiFi network name synonymous to what displayed on your Android.

Step 3: While on the iPhone, navigate to the Xender app and tap on connect phone and the connection should be initiated immediately and automatically.


Step 1: Launch the Xender app on your android phone and leave it running. Tap on Connect PC using the switch icon at the top right corner.

Step 2: You may get connected by connecting either by WLAN or WiFi which is normally under settings in your device.

Step 3: You may also get connected by switching on WiFi hotspot on your phone and connect PC to it. This will not use your mobile data.

Switch on WiFi on PC, connect to hotspot named ” Xender_AP1200″
Input a specified IP address in browser.

If after trying the above steps and you are still experiencing problem sending and transferring files from Xender either by Android to Android, Android to iPhone iOS, Android to PC, then use the comment box to share you query, solutions will be rendered.
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