How To Undo and Redo Text On Your Android Device CTRL Z / CTRL Y:

Ctrl-Z is constant throughout multiple desktop operating systems, and even iOS has undo.

Android users has been finding it difficult to retype text after mistaking deleting them, i want to inform you that you can undo deleted text with the app called Inputting +.

Once you download and install the app, you have to grant it permissions in Android’s accessibility settings, but not to worry, your data isn’t going to be stored anywhere as the app works locally. So, be rest assured, security-freaks.

After all that, you should see Inputting+ in the notification panel .

Bear in mind that it would only be activated when you are about to type and the app tracks everything you type and edit, without storing it online. 

Now to undo or redo any mistake, just use the undo or redo arrows.

Download, click here.
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