Hurry Now And Upgrade to windows 10, Free Offer Ends Today

Today marks the end of free upgrade to Windows 10, after today you will be required to pay the some of $119 to updagrade.

Microsoft announced new updated features that will be coming to the Windows 10 at there Build Anniversary / Developer conference 2016 in March.

The Features are:
  • Adding Windows Ink for better pen use, 
  • Cortana and Edge improvements, 
  • including extension support, 
  • advanced security features for consumers and enterprises, 
  • cross-device gaming support, 
  • and adding new classroom tools.
Microsoft has announced that the first major and free Windows 10 anniversary update will be rolled out on 2nd August to existing users.

Windows 10 was launched 11 months ago currently has over 350 million active users and Microsoft aims to get one billion active devices running windows 10 within two to three years of its launch and this may be archived by adding new offers like the back-to-school deal through which students can get $300 off when buying both Xbox One and Surface or get a free TV when they purchase a Dell PC over $699 at Microsoft Stores through August 14 to achieve this aim.
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