Meet LeEco New Flagship Coming With 8GB Ram

This is indeed spec war… at the time you think 6GB Ram is the highest you can get on a smartphone, right then LeEco, smartphone manufacturer who hasn’t been in the smartphone business for long, being the first to reach 6GB ram is at it again with a new flagship phone said to pack an insane 8GB of RAM along with plenty of other cutting edge specs.

According to Chinese press, the new LeMax 2 could be one of the first smartphones to launch with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chipset, and to top it off, 8GB RAM! along with a powerful 25-megapixel camera.

This is absolutely insane because it’s already invading the territory of Window computers. Isn’t 8GB Ram not too much? I don’t think this is actually what the smartphone market need.
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