See What happened in WWDC 2016 As Apple Announces New Features

Here is everything Apple announced at this year’s WWDC 2016 event.

1. Updating Of WATCH OS 3.

Apple has announced they will fix some of the biggest criticisms of the Apple Watch, which includes its slow speed, poor user interface, and over-reliance on Siri. Watch OS 3 will now load seven times faster than before, and will enable background processes. Other new features include Quick reply, SOS mode for emergencies, new health app, and the ability to unlock your MacBook automatically just by wearing the watch.

2. APPLE’S TV OS Will Undergo Some Changes.

Apple announced that there are now over 6000 apps on its Apple TV and you can use SIRI to search through these apps (YouTube included), and there’s now a new Remote TV app for the iPhone and iPad.


Apple has decided to replace OS X with Mac OS. The latest release will be called Sierra. It will have a lot of features like Universal Clipboard to help you copy text from your iPhone and paste on your Macbook. iCloud Drive to help offload older files so you can have more space. Continuity, a feature to help users automatically unlock Macs with an iPhone or Apple Watch. Apple pay to help you make payments via the web. Finally, Siri is coming to desktop and laptop computers for the first time!

4. Launches iOS 10 With NEW FEATURES, Looks Like MOTO X ACTIVE DISPLAY.

The iOS 10 will come with new features which include a new lock screen and home screen experience to allow the use of 3D touch to reply to a message or interact with apps right on the lock screen. Also, Apple has created a Siri SDK, which will help developers incorporate Siri into their apps. In other words, iOS 10 will allow you to use Siri to control third-party apps.


Emoji AI is coming to iMessage, meaning iMessage can recommend emoji for you to use. iMessage will now have invisible ink that will allow users to tap to unblur a photo or text you have blurred.
Apple’s Photo app borrows an idea from Google photos, Apple will incorporate a facial recognition feature to help you sort out your images, just like Google photos. There will be a map-view of your photos, similar to Instagram’s and a movie-based photo collation.

Apple music is going to get a makeover, they are also going to adopt a Spotify-like playlist that will show a playlist of music Apple thinks you’ll like every single day, Siri’s going to give Apple’s QuickType keyboard a boost.

Apple News also gets a makeover, adopting almost the same design as the new Apple music.
Finally, Apple is bringing in voicemail transcriptions and spam number detection! There’s also a new VoIP API that lets incoming calls from WhatsApp, FaceTime, look more like a normal phone call.


Apple introduced Swift Playground, an app that will teach users, especially kids how to code with Apple’s Swift programming language, right on the iPad. It is a game-like app and will definitely help kids think tech at a young age

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