Tecno Camon C9 To come With T-Band and More Amasing Features

It appears that the C9 will be loaded with over-the-top features that could truly set it apart from other Camera phones in the market and no I am not talking about the 13MP front camera, instead I am talking about the fact that the C9 will come with a 120-degree panoramic mode on the front camera, with an 83-degree wide-angle capability – 20% wider than the Samsung S6, giving you room to capture everything and everyone.

Tecno Camon C9 will also have an eye scanner technology that can encrypt and unlock your phone and also coming with another device called T-Band will be introduced into the market same time as the Tecno Camon C9. Matched with the Camon C9, it will offer convenience capture to Camon C9 users. This smart band will help you:
  • Take Remote snapshot.
  • Create a 10m connection between itself and the C9
  • Take a snapshot with just a click on the T-band
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