YouTube Red Is Now Available In Nigeria with Discount.

If you are wondering what youtube red is, it is a paid-for subscription service that gives you access to a lot of features on Youtube, for example, with Youtube Red you can watch videos without ads, download them, play them in the background, and get access to original content.

I guess Google knew that these features won’t sway so many Nigerians hence the delay, but they are offering you a chance to try it out for a period of 3 months for just 99¢ as opposed to a monthly fee of $9.99. Yes to get Red without discount, you need to pay $10 monthly.

Before you jump on this, here is what I feel, If Youtube ads don’t bother you, don’t get Red. If you are not interested in YouTube’s original content, don’t get Red, but if you already have an All Access subscription to Google Play Music which also includes YouTube RED then you should try out YouTube RED.
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