Facebook Has Introduced Instant Articles to Messenger

Facebook Instant Articles were peculiar to facebook app only before now, Facebook has just added the Instant Article feature to the facebook messenger, it was added yesterday.

For now the feature is only available to android users, other operating system users like the iOS, should be expecting theirs soon.

What is Instant Messenger?

Instant Articles is a mobile publishing format for news and content publishers to help produce fast, interactive articles on Facebook. 

lightning bolt icon are used to notify users on the Messenger app of a shared Instant Article. it has been said that Instant Articles load up to 10 times faster than the normal mobile web.

This newly added feature will allow users to access links directly in the Messenger app without having to visit the publisher’s website. Also, Ads included in Instant Articles will also be displayed automatically.

Facebook is saying to publishers that they would benefit immersely from the Instant Article Feature, they said this in a blog post:
If you’re a publisher that has enabled Instant Articles, we’ll render the Instant Articles version of your article whenever its URL is shared in Messenger.
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