Have Your Privacy at its pick With a Ghost Phone that works with a pair of Glasses

A phone store manager from Diyarbakir, Turkey called Celal Göger. came up with a perfect way to hide iPhone information using a special screen that works with glasses.

Smartphone screens are getting wider, using them in public leaves room for little or no privacy, For those who worry about privacy, you need not worry anymore. 

This idea came up when Celal was in a crowded public transport in Instabul and felt that his phone privacy was being invaded. He started working in his small workshop that was right behind his store and came up with the ‘ghost phone’,Name ‘C.COGER I.’ Even though his village lacked electricity his ideas was not left to die. it took him four months to complete it.

The ghost phone, which was originally a fully functional iPhone, can only be seen using a pair of smart glasses after some modifications. Without the glasses, the screen appears white. Two chips modifies the phone, one makes the screen appear white, while the other chip is in a pair of glasses that connects to the phone, making the screen visible only to the wearer.

It was difficult for people to believe him at first when he finished the invention, some thought it was some cool magic tricks at play until they saw it and were completely dazed.

The only set back to this possibility is funding to further the project, install an on/off button on the phone and start the mass production of his invention.

Right now, there is no information on when it will be available or how much it will cost.

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