How to Check if Your Android Phone is Infected With HummingBad Malware and How To Remove it

The HummingBad malware is a rootkit which installs itself  in android phone, this malware also patches it self with your Operating System (OS) to make it not removable.

This Malware is said to make around $300,000 (£232,000) Monthly for its creator, and it has infected over 10 Million Android devices.

How Those HummingBird Work?

When it’s in your android phone, HummingBad malware installs apps to your device without requring authentication, and spies on your browsing details. It also generates fake clicks for online adverts

How Will You Know if Your Android Smartphone is Infected With HummingBad Malware

  • Your android phone will start displaying unusual advertisements (add).
  • Your android phone will start running out of data.
  • You will be receiving unexpected “system update” notifications.
  • You will be receiving prompts to install a new app, or finding apps on your phone that you didn’t install.
  • your battery will be draining faster than normal.

How to Remove HummingBad Malware:

Its quite unfortunate that no antivirus for android phone can remove this malware, the only proved solution is factory resetting your android phone.

How To Factory Reset Your Android Phone:

Note: Factory resetting your android device will delete all your files in your device, so if they are important to you, you will need to take a backup.

How To Perform Backup On Your Android Device:

  • >>Goto Settings 
  • > Tap Backup and reset 
  • >Tap Factory Data Reset. 

The location of Backup and reset will differ on various Android phones and tablets, but it will be relatively easy to find.

  • >> Tap Reset phone or Reset device. 

Your device will reboot in Recovery mode and will start wiping your infected phone or tablet.

  • >> Once your phone or tablet reboots you can start the setup of your HummingBad-free device.

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