How To Turn Your iPhone to a “Real” Camera using Pictar Accessory

Pictar makes using your iPhone camera a lot more comfortable with its case that turns your iPhone to a full camera.

The case has buttons like a normal camera: the shutter buttons that also works for focus when pressed halfway, a zoom ring, a selfie button, an exposure wheel, and a smart wheel that can be customized to work for other functions.

It comes with a cold shoe mount that lets you attach accessories like flash, and there’s also a tripod mount. Pictar doesn’t come with an attached lens, photos are still taken with the iOS lens.

The device doesn’t connect with the iPhone through bluetooth or direct connection, it communicates with its camera app on the phone making use of sound. Each of the wheels and buttons give special sounds which the app can interpret to perform different functions. The sound frequency between 18,500-20,000 kHz, and this is inaudible to the human ear.

Pictar is a Kickstarter campaign that passed its $200,000 target in only 14 days. The project has gathered 2,952 backers who have pledged $318,628 at the time of this report.
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