How To Turn Your Pictures To Painting With Prisma Now Available For Android Device

Prisma an application to turn-your-photos-into-paintings that has been blowing up over the past few weeks, is now launching on Android in full form. That means you no longer need a beta invite, and can download it straight off the Google Play Store.

The app has only been available in beta form on Android for about five days, so this is a surprisingly quick turnaround. Then again, Prisma probably wants to take advantage of its current momentum as much as possible – especially amid rumors it might be acquired.

Prisma makes your picture to look like a painted one, but some one can still differentiate between a real painted image and prisma result. The difference here is its use of artificial intelligence makes the images look much more like they were created by actual humans than a simple algorithms.

Here Examples Of What You Can Do With Prisma:

You can download Prisma from the Play Store now.
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