In Less Than 24 Hours a Mirror of Kat.Cr Surfaces Online and How Apple Aided in Vaulin Arrest.

Its quite on fortunate how Turrent owner was arrested yesterday and i told you guys to be expecting a site like in my post yesterday. Surprisingly, in less than 24 hours a mirror of Kat.Cr surfaces online, as if they were expecting the arrest. The new site has the same User Interface(UI) and Layout like the original Kat.Cr. 

Words on the streets have it that IsoHunt another big name in the Torrent world created the mirror and uploaded the same torrents found on the original 

According to the IsoHunt Team:

“It’s not perfect, but if users need to save and archive something it’s time, We don’t know how long it can last, but at least it’s something.”

The team also created a petition in the header to “Free Vaulin”

Now lets talk about how Vaulin Owner of was arrest yesterday. It appears that Apple and Facebook had something to do with Vaulin Artem’s arrest.

How  was that possible? 

The officials were able to track and identify Vaulin from records provided by Apple on his iCloud account. (He had registered with the address to make an iTunes purchase which records your IP address for every transaction and unfortunately, his IP address was also tied to his bitcoin account.). After his email address was discovered, the authorities sent Facebook a warrant for information having to do with the site’s page. From there, the US Government turned to Apple. (Source TNW).

Where the blame lies? 

Definitely not with Facebook and Apple, but with Artem – For one, how can you use your personal email address on almost all the platforms and be engaged in a criminal act?

The mirrored web address of is
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