My Quest with Android Virus and How I Removed The Virus

Android Phone virus has been spreading with high speed. The rate inwhich this virus transfer and infect phones can not be summarized in one post. Android operating system is becoming one of the most used in recent times, therefore attracting attackers and making them create programs of max destruction and exploit.
Few days ago, I encountered an Android phone, to be precise It was LG optimus L5 e455, This phone has been inffected with virus and the virus has eatn into the OS of this device. To the point that factory reset didnt remove the virus. Am still trying to figure out the name of the virus through research.

What The Android Virus Did To The Phone:

  • You can not turn off the wifi and data connection, when you turn it off it automatically turns it on again which means you are not expected to insert any sim card with airtime inside the phone or else it will drain them off.
  • The device takes longer time in booting.
  • When the phone finally came up i noticed multiple applications running in background and using up the RAM space then the phone starts to hang.

The Steps I Took in Removing The Virus:

I decided to know more about this virus so i connected the phone to my wireless network And It started installing apps automatically without any alert or prompt to install.

I tried factory resetting the device, to my surprise, it did not work.

I discovered two possible solutions to this issue:
  1. Identifying the virus applications and uninstalling them.
  2. Flashing the device Rom with Stock Operating System(OS).

First Method:

  • I started by rooting the device, to know what rooting is click here. The virus were appearing like system application which means i cant uninstall the virus application till i root the phone. (i used kingo root).
  • The second thing i did was identifying the real system application and the once the virus attached and uninstalling them with Super User Application installed by the kingo root app.
Note: You can brick your device in this stage if you uninstall any real system application and you will be left with one option to recover your device which is the second method (flashing your rom with stock Operating System(OS).
  • your phone Will return to normalcy if you did it correctly.

Second Method:

Then the second method was flashing the device rom with the device stock OS, this method is only for professionals only.

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