How To Operate Any Windows Computer System Like A Professional With This Windows Shortcut Keys

Windows has many shortcut keys that many windows operating system do not know and this shortcut keys if applied well will speed up your daily operations with the computer and therefor making you operate a computer like a professional. 

This Windows Shortcut Keys that am about to share with you if for all windows Operating System like; windows vista, 7 , 8 , 8.1, windows 10 and above. I have tested this shortcut keys before posting it.

Lets Begin!!!

Ctrl + Shift + Esc: This shortcut will directly start ‘Window task manager’ which can be used to open new task or kill current task and perform more function

Window + D: This shortcut will minimize all the currently running active window and show desktop. It is really useful to minimize the entire window with ease without minimizing them one after the other.

Alt + Tab : This shortcuts will switch between active window on your system. This will eliminate mouse activity to minimize and maximize different active window.

Windows +P : This shortcuts will select different presentation mode present on your system. Presentation display mode like projector only, duplicate, extend, Computer only.

Window + F : This shortcut opens search window which is helpful in searching folder, files present in system.

Window + (plus/minus sign button) : You must have come across a situation where you would like to zoom you window screen for better visual display. You can use inbuilt magnifier present in system. You can use this shortcut to open magnifier directly which is present in the system. Once the maginfier is launched you can use plus(+) or minus(-) sign to zoom in or zoom out.

Window + E : This shortcut helps to open window explorer of ‘My Computer’.

Window + B : This shortcut helps to go to system tray and to select different options present in it without mouse. After using this shortcut you can use‘Enter’ button or ‘Up/down’ arrow key to navigate between icons.

Window + S: This is one of the useful shortcut to take snapshot of part of screen and paste it in One Note.

Shift + (Left/Middle) click on icon in task bar : This is another most useful shortcut available in window . It helps to start a new instance of an application regardless of whether it is already running.

Window + L : It will lock your computer and can be logged in again using password set by you for your system. If you have not set any password then also it will work but anyone can log in into your system. It is very useful if you have to leave your system for sometime but you don’t want other to access your system.

Ctrl+Shift+N : It will help you to create ‘New Folder’ on desktop or in any drive, folder etc. This is one of the daily activities performed by us. Using this shortcut will save your time.

Window + Spacebar : It will make all active window transparent and will show you desktop. It can help you instantly hiding active window as long as button is being pressed.

Window + T : It will show you opened window in tile form. By holding Window and pressing T continuously will switch between all minimize window.

Window + Up arrow key: It will maximize the current active window. It will help you to instantly maximize the current window without taking your hand from keyboard.

Window + Down arrow key:
It will minimize the current active window. It will help you to instantly minimize the current window without taking your hand from keyboard.

Window + Left arrow key: It will shift the active window to the left of the screen without taking your hand from keyboard.

Window + Right arrow key: It will shift the active window to the right of the screen without taking your hand from keyboard.

Ctrl+Shift+Left click on any program: When you want to run any program as administrator then you can use this shortcut instead of using your mouse. It will instantly prompt for administrator permission.

Shift + Right click on any program: When you want to send any item at specific location you will right click to see ‘send to’ option but you will get less option to choose. If you will use this shortcut then ‘send to’ option will be enhance and you will get many other option to send your data.

Window + Tab: This shortcut is helpful to switch between opened and minimize screen. One attractive thing about this shortcut is that it launches aero space navigation. 

Window + Pause: It will open properties window which shows the basic information about your system and also give options to change general or advance setting of your system.

Ctrl + window + F: It will check your computer whether it is connect in network. If yes then it searches for connected computer in the network to show the list of the connected computer. This shortcut is more useful while working on LAN. If your computer is not connected with any network then it will show error.

Alt + D: It will select address in browser and folder location in window. Suppose you have open any folder and you want to copy the location of that folder then simply using this shortcut you can select the location of folder.

Shift + Right (click on a file): Shortcut #4 will select to copy location of any active folder or address of active tab in browser. Now this shortcut will provide you an option to copy file location in any active folder. You can use option called ‘Copy as path’.

Shift + Right (click on a folder): If you want to open any file location in command prompt then you have to type file location in black screen with command to move in folder. But using this shortcut you can directly open that folder in command prompt. Using ‘Open command window here’ you can achieve above mentioned task.

Shift + Right (click on a grouped taskbar): This trick is helpful on group window in taskbar. Using this trick you will get option like ‘cascade, show window side by side, etc’.

Ctrl + Left Click (click on a grouped taskbar): It will help to switch between the group items in taskbar. To switch between group items keep ‘Ctrl’ buttonpressed and left click continuously on grouped item in taskbar.

Window + G: It will switch between Gadgets on your computer screen. To switch between Gadgets just keep Window button pressed and continuously press and release G.

Ctrl + Esc: This is just an another way to launch start menu which can be done with just single button i.e. window button

I think you can now operate your windows computer system like a professional with this shortcuts keys. Place Your comment below for additional shortcut keys and share this post with your friends with the share icon below.

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