Why and How to Disable Fast Charging on Samsung Galaxy Devices

Every one wants he/her mobile phone to charge fast till it is filled up, but in some case, fast charging might be dengerous.

Why You should Disable Fast Charging on Samsung Galaxy Devices

There are many reasons why you should disable fasting charging, but the primary one is HEAT. Fast charging pushes a lot of charge in a short amount of time, so devices can easily overheat. If it’s on your bedside table in a cool, air-conditioned house, this may not be an issue. But if it’s on your lap with the sun beating down on it in a hot car, this may reduce the battery live circle.

How to Disable Fast Charging on Samsung Galaxy Devices

The process should be pretty much the same for all Galaxy devices running Marshmallow.
Note: if your device doesn’t have wireless charging, the menu may look slightly different.

  • Goto Settings menu by pulling down the notification shade and tapping the cog icon in the upper right.

  • scroll down until you see the “Battery” option. Tap that.

  • scroll down to the bottom of the menu. Depending on the device, there are either one or two options here: “Fast cable charging” and “Fast wireless charging.” Toggling the slider to the right of either option will enable/disable it. And that’s that.
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