Alert !!! | popular KickassTorrents mirror Kat(dot)am is a scam website

Just after the arrest of KickassTorrents alleged founder and the seizure of all KickassTorrents domains, many torrent websites sprang up to fill the popular KickassTorrents niche.

Kat(dot)am is one of such websites, The people behind KAT(dot)am were among the first to claim that they were a replacement for the dead and buried Kat(dot)cr. Even though it misleadingly claimed to have a copy of KAT’s database, the torrent community, and world media made Kat(dot)am popular.

However, the MPAA moved against the domain and had it suspended for featuring pirated content. After being under suspension for a week or so, now the site is back again but in a scammy avatar. After a brief suspension, the registry re-released the domain name for registration, allowing scammers to pick it up. While the site still appears to be a mirror, it asks people to sign up for an account with a credit card if they want to download something.

If you are a torrents fan and visit the Kat(dot)am website now you will be greeted by the familiar KickassTorrents like user interface. The real fun or scam will begin once you try to download any torrent. Users who try to download something will be prompted to register a ‘free’ account.

“Free Account Required. You must create a Free Account to access KickassTorrents,” the popup notification reads.

The signup page redirects to a scammy portal, and requires people to enter their credit card details if they want a free trial.

Do remember that the new avatar of Kat(dot)am is a scam and has nothing to do with the original KickassTorrents site, and has all the signs of a classic pay to download scam.
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