Latest Update of WhatsApp For iPhone Users Comes With Voicemail Feature See How To Use it

Recently, the world’s most popular instant messaging app, WhatsApp added basic formatting including bold, italic and strike-through to text messages, as well as a hidden font and Olympic-themed emoji.

Now, WhatsApp has officially rolled out its voicemail feature to its iPhone app after it appeared in the beta version of Android last month. WhatsApp for iPhone v2.16.8 lists the new feature in the change log of its App Store listing.

Whatsapp Said, 

When placing a WhatsApp call, you now quickly leave a voice message if your call isn’t answered, just like voicemail.

Once you have finished recording your message, just lift your finger from the screen and the voice message will be sent to your contact. This will appear in your active WhatsApp conversation with the caller.

How To Use The Voicemail Feature in Latest Version of Whatsapp For iPhone Users:

If you called a person and the person declines or ignores the call, you will be presented with three options – 
  • Voice Message, 
  • Call Again, 
  • and Cancel. 
Tap on Voice Message
Hold to record, and once you are done, the message will be shown in the chat conversation between users and their recipients just like a voice message.

Download the new whatsapp for iOS users from App Store.

It’s not yet known when the feature will roll out to users of the public Android app.
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