Torrent Search Engine Is Back in Form of a Clone

In recent times, torrent sites are been shut down, in my previous post, i announced the shut down of kickass torrent due to the arrest of the torrent site owner and torrent(dot)eu respectively.

Currently, Torrentz is back but in a different way. A clone site of the world’s largest meta-data search engine has made its way online to continue the legacy of the original website.

The new website web address is Torrentz2(dot)eu, and looks the same as Torrentz(dot)eu on its homepage it displays;

Torrentz2(dot)eu is a clone of Torrentz, a free, fast and powerful meta-search engine combining results from dozens of search engines,

The clone says on its website;

 We will always love you Torrentz. Goodbye.” However, the only big noticeable difference is the absence of the white space on both sides of the new website. It is assumed that the primary job of is to keep the spirit of alive.
However, the arrival of Torrentz(dot)eu has brought joy for the torrent users. Lets wait and see whats happens next
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