How To Detect Keylogger and Remove It From Your Computer System (PC)

Keyloggers as the name implies, simply means collecting your keys. keyloggers are used in two forms, software or hardware.

Software Keyloggers are installed by hackers in your computer (PC) anonymously, to run in background as a process which makes them hard to be detected. Software keyloggers captures your activity, records open sites and sends important login details or keystrokes to a hacker. While Hardware Keyloggers are in form of external USB device. Most times, placed at the back of the CPU were it can easily capture your keystrokes. 

How To Detect Software Keylogger and Remove It From Computer

How To Remove Keyloggers Using Task Manager

  • Open Task Manger
  • Press SHIFT+ALT+DELETE on your keyboard.
  • Select Task Manager from the given options.
  • Select processes from top of the task manager.
  • Scroll down and locate winlogon.exe process. If there are two processes with same name like winlogon.exe and Winlogon(1).exe or something unusual running in “.exe” then right click on the second one. And click end process.

How To Remove Software Keyloggers From Installed Programs

Sometimes keylogger can be found in the installed program if it is not kept hidden by the hacker.
  • Click on Start,
  • Goto Control Panel.
  • Select Programs and Features OR Uninstall a program .
  • Carefully look all the installed program. If there is an old program you did not installed by yourself then that can be a keylogger installed by a hacker. Right-click on it and select Uninstall.

How To Prevent Keyloggers from Your Computer System

To be perfectly free from keyloggers enter your username and password in notepad, then copy and paste it in your desired location instead of entering your login details directly on a website or application. Do not installed an unknown application from an unknown source. Make sure you have a strong, working antivirus and keep it up to date.

Finally, before you power ON your computer system check the body of the computer system if an external device or hardware has being attached to it.
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