How To Lock and Unlock Your Computer System (PC) With a USB Flash Drive and a Software

We do watch movies even if not all the time but as few times we have watched a CIA related movie, you might have seen how a CIA agent slots in a USB flash drive into a computer system (PC) and it starts giving out data. 

Most people would like to setup their computer system (PC/laptop) like that one. Remember, using a login password is pas·sé and easily hackable. But having a USB lock not only gives that bit of extra security to your computer but adds a pro hacker like touch.

Things You Will Need:

  • A USB Flash Drive or Pendrive
  • And a software called Predator. click here to download it.
If you want to use your USB Flash Drive or Pendrive as a lock, you need the software i made mention above. Predator is free Windows program which turns your USB drive into an automatic device that locks your computer when it’s removed. After you set up Predator, you can unlock your computer system (PC/laptop) only by plugging in your USB flash drive or pendrive. If somebody else attempts to access your computer without the USB flash drive, he/she will get a Movie-style “Access Denied” message.

How To Lock and Unlock Your Computer System (PC) With a USB Flash Drive and a Software

  • Download and install Predator.
  • Once Predator launches, plug in a USB flash drive. 
Note: Predator uses any USB flash drive and it does not delete or alter any of the flash drive contents.
  • When you insert the USB flash drive, Predator will ask you whether you want to create a password. Click OK to continue.
  • In the Preferences window, enter a secure password in the “New password” field. If you lose your USB flash drive, you can use this password to unlock your computer. Kindly note down this password as it will become very useful if you lose your flash drive or it goes corrupt. Predator also allows you to use a password in addition to USB lock/unlock. If you want this facility, check the Always Required box and you will be asked to enter the password each time you use your flash drive to unlock your computer system (PC). Finally, in the section under Flash Drives, ensure that the correct USB flash drive is selected. When you are done, click “Create key” and then OK.
  • Predator will exit. Click the Predator icon in the taskbar to restart the program. A few seconds later, the icon will turn green, alerting you that Predator is running. Once done, Predator will check every 30 seconds to see that your USB pendrive is plugged in. If it isn’t, your computer will dim and lock down.
You can pause Predator at any time select “Pause monitoring” from the taskbar menu. You can also check if someone accessed your PC/laptop while the Predator was switched on using USB drive from the Predator activity log.

The only issue or problem with using Predator on your computer is that it locks down one USB port exclusively for the lock/unlock purpose. However, if you are ok with the movie style locking and unlocking, you should go in for a USB hub to compensate the USB port.

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