Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) Warn All Nigerian To Stop Buying or Using Sub-standard Phones

This message goes to every one in Nigeria. Due to the manner smartphones of different kind are being used in our country Nigeria and many users will say its because the prices of those phones are affordable and cheap. 

See what NCC has said about sub-standard phones: Do not use substandard handset or phones. 

According to NCC, such handsets are responsible for the various network failure and related problems they experience during dialing or receiving of calls.
Consumers should use the handsets outlined in our manual as they have been certified to be efficient for telecommunication usages.
Many consumers complain that their data and credit are illegally deducted by service providers but they should understand that smart phones have various complex attributes.
Smartphones should be switched-off when not in use as they automatically upgrade themselves and can deduct data in the process.
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