See What You Can Do With USB On-The-Go (OTG) Cables

USB OTG is also known as USB On-The-Go and one of the best inventions that make life easier to get more memory without installing a MicroSD card on your Android smartphone. The USB OTG device is so useful that enables two devices to communicate with each other. The USB OTG is generally used to extend your device’s functionality. It can easily transfer the data from a smartphone to pen drive and vice versa.

Charging your Android smartphone with another smartphone using USB OTG

This could be one of the most loved uses for the Smartphone users. The only thing you have to do is connect the two smartphones and the phone that acts as the USB host will start charging the other device. This might help you a lot in the case of emergency. With this technique, you can also charge non-android phones by applying the same procedure. Just remember that for this trick to work, the host device needs to have a higher battery capacity compared to the smartphone you wish to charge.

Connecting it as a Game Controller for playing games on your Android smartphone

You will never believe this! With the help of OTG cable; you can easily connect a Game Controller. Though the Game Controller may not be as useful for playing games on your smartphone, but still you can get the best use out it instead of using your smartphone’s touch screen to control the game. Also more and more Android games come support the use of an external gamepad making this trick an absolute must have.

Connecting Android smartphone to a Camera

You can also use the USB OTG to connect to your camera and access/transfer the images/video stored on it. This is particularly helpful for travel photographers who are always in shortage of memory space.

Connecting a portable external Hard Drive to your Android smartphone

You can connect a USB flash drive to your Android phone using an OTG cable. You need to do is plug the flash drive into the secondary port of the cable, and use it.

Connecting LAN Cable and accessing Internet on your Android smartphone

Most of you probably don’t know that he USB OTG can be used to connect your device to LAN cable. This will be helpful when you have a broadband connection but don’t have Wi-Fi router. All you have to do is just buy a LAN to USB controller and connect it as shown below. Now you can use your broadband internet in your mobile directly.

Connecting a sound card or microphone to your Android smartphone

If you feel your Android smartphone’s inbuilt mic quality is not good enough, you can use the USB OTG connection to connect a professional microphone to deliver a high-quality recording. You can also connect a sound card to your Android phone with the help of an OTG cable.

Connecting USB keyboard to your Android smartphone

Writing on the small Android smartphone screen can be a boring exercise for many. Typing out short SMSes and WhatsApp messages is okay but try writing really long emails and you will know the pain. With the help of an OTG, you can connect a keyboard to your device and configure it using Android’s built-in settings for external controllers. Once done, you can comfortably continue writing those long emails.

Connecting USB Mouse to your Android smartphone

Connecting a USB mouse is also possible which could be handy if you have calibration issues with your device. This is not practicable for daily use but it is really useful for data recovery, especially when your touchscreen is damaged.

Connecting USB Fan to your Android smartphone

You can use USB fans connected over OTG with ease.

Connecting USB Light to your Android smartphone

Like the USB fan, you can also connect USB light to your Android smartphone. It helps you during the time of power cuts. You can also use the USB light as a front LED for taking selfies in the night or video calling from really dark places.
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