Former Military Governor Col. Abubakar Dangiwa (retd) Sets To Sue MTN NG For Unsolicited Messages and Deductions

Telecommunication industries (Network Operators) in Nigeria are beginning to make Nigerians pissed (angry). Recently an Airtel NG customer Mr. Emmanuel Anene sued the Airtel NG for unsolicited messages and claimed 200 million Naira as damages but court asked Airtel NG to pay him 5 million Naira.

This time its MTN NG and a retired military colonel and former kaduna state governor.

Colonel (retired) Abubakar Dangiwa Umar former governor of Kaduna State in Nigeria, claims MTN NG has been deducting his money from his MTN Sim card without subscribing to any of the offer they are deducting the money for. He also said he has complain but they did not stop deducting his money from his sim.

To prove his claims, he forwarded the last messages he received from MTN NG on Saturday:

The first message: 
Yello, you have downloaded the Callertune <CHECK YOUR ALERT> by TK SWAG for N50.00. This tune expires on 2016-12-09. To delete the tune, send del0733736
The second message: 
Dear Customer, you have successfully subscribed to Laugh Out Loud and N50.00 deducted from your account. Your service will be renewed on 2016-11-18. To cancel, text STOP LOL to 55006. Enjoy!
The issue here is not about the money they are deducting from my sim, but the issue is, they continued with the deduction even after i complained he said. He also noted that MTN NG stands to make about N3.5 billion (N50 x 70 million subscribers) on a weekly/monthly basis!

Just imagine this people.
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