App Maker | Google New Application Which You Can Use To Create Applications With No Code

Google in its plight to meet every one tech needs has recently announced the lunch of an application developing tool which users or business organisations can use to create custom applications with no coding and at ease. This google new application is called "App Maker".

This new google "App Maker" developing tool is not the first of its kind but its the latest of its kind, google has been creating application developing tools which users can use to develop custom applications only by dragging and dropping items of their choice. The google "App Maker"is the newest member of the google G Suite productivity applications.

Do not get it twisted, this app is mainly for those who do not have much knowledge about programming and its technical details, but that do not mean its meant for them only. Professional programmers/coders can equally use this google "App Maker" to facilitate there work and it also has a coding/scripting interface as well, were advanced programmers can use in customize their application more.

To get this google "App Maker" developing tool, download the google "App Maker" by clicking here.
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