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Duplicate files especially duplicate photo files occupy a lot of storage space for no good reasons. These files generate due to various reasons like file transfer, data backup, file downloading etc. These files accumulate over time on your device and start creating speed and performance related issues. To deal with this issue you can perform manual cleaning which consumes lot of time and efforts or you can use certain duplicate Photo finder tools to remove all similar or exact looking files instantly.
One such tool is duplicate photo fixer which is offered by leading software firm Systweak Software. Let’s discuss some of its unique features.

Select Scan type: On the home page of this app you will be asked to select the scan type to find duplicate photos on your device. You can select camera images, a specific folder or full scan to search for similar and exact looking files.

Results: Scanning process time may vary according to the volume of the data app needs to scan. The app will display the results in the group in an auto-mark format where last file/ files (marked) of the group set to be deleted. You can “Unmark All” files to select them manually. This way you can keep the files of your choice in your records.

Preview: You can tap on the files to see the preview of the file(s) before deleting it. This way you can take the better decision to manage your files.

Matching level: You can find this option under “Settings”. Using this option, you can set the matching level to find similar or exact looking files. You can set the level from Low to High to find duplicate files accordingly. The default value for matching level stands at 91% whereas you can set low value at 86% and High value up to 99.99%.

Clear Cache: You can use this option to clear cache history of the app. This way the app will initiate a fresh scan to find duplicate data.

Rescan: It will allow you to initiate a scanning process again.

Languages: The app offers multiple language support to help its users around the world.

Benefits: There are numerous benefits of this app which include:

Well-organized photo collection: It removes all unnecessary duplicate files from your storage space making it well organized.

De-duplicate photo library: This is the major benefit of using this app as it allows you to de-duplicate your photo library effectively.

Recover precious storage space: It helps you remove a lot of redundant files to recover a lot of precious storage space.

Accurate results: It uses smart and advanced algorithms to find the duplicate files on your device storage space. With features like “Matching Level,” you can find more accurate results.

Duplicate Photos fixer is an effective tool to find and remove all duplicate files accurately from your device. It uses smart technology to find all those unnecessary files and swiftly remove them. It is useful even for professional users, as it offers some advanced features as well. This is the best opt-in its category. Strongly Recommended!
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