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If you are a home based or small business owner, or simply trying to market your home brewed beer or wine, you are probably aware of how important it is to attract consumers with appealing product labels. The easiest and no-brainer way to provide yourself with such labels would be to find and hire a professional, experienced label designer. Alternative, cheaper option would be to ideate and design your product labels yourself. This can be a real feat if you are not a designer and don’t have the desired skill set. However, it doesn’t have to be. If you know how you want your product labels to look, you can create them without any technical skills with Labeley app.

Labeley is a completely free online software for designing custom product labels. To use it, you only need a computer and Internet connection. A bit of creativity is a definitive advantage though.
The How-to Guide to Designing Personalized Product Labels with Labeley

  • Step 1: Visit the app homepage and just click the Start Designing button.
  • Step 2: Choose the label category that best describes your product. There are 5 available choices to choose from: general, kids, wine, beer and holiday labels. So, if you want to design beauty product labels or candle labels, for example, you will choose general label category. 
  • Step 3: The app’s interface opens up on your screen with various label options in the left sidebar: shape, border, background, text, upload. These are all elements of the label that you can add to your custom label. The shape is the only necessary element that you must use as the text on the canvas informs you (check out the screenshot below).

All the other options and ready-made design elements are there to help you to personalize product labels. For example, you may use the border to round up your label, but you don’t need to. You can also add a pre-designed background scheme or colour. It is even possible to upload your own illustrations and images to differentiate your labels to the max. If the textual message is important for your product and label, you can play with a myriad of fonts, including font colors and styles, to make sure that it visually conveys your words. What element you are going to use and apply to your design is totally up to you. The limit is only your creativity.

As you can see, with Labeley it is possible to create distinct product labels in only three steps. You can then save your label and download it to your computer: click the button Save label, then navigate to the left side of the screen, right-click the design and download by selecting the option Save As. That is all there is to it: you will not be prompted to share any personal details like an email address or other information. You can actually anonymously create as many designs you want.

Optional step: if you want to make variations of your label design or use it for future similar products and product lines, it is worthwhile to create a free user account with Labeley. It will store all your designs in your private My designs library from where you can access them and further edit or reversion. 

Besides the handy free app for designing all sorts of labels, Labeley offers affordable professional label printing services. Their “specialty” is printing short run custom labels. That means that they offer really competitive price to those who only need a small quantity of labels and stickers (say 30 or even fewer).

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