Leaked Specifications and Images of How The Nokia D1 and E1 Android smartphone Will look like

Nokia new devices are rumored and leaked on everyday basis which depicts that Nokia smartphone are coming back in 2017 with flagship android devices. Recently, i published a post about a render about a New Nokia device called Nokia C1. Another leaked images and specifications of Nokia D1 and Nokia E1 has surfaced online.

Nokia D1
Nokia E1
Nokia E1

Leaked Specification of The Nokia D1:

Nokia D1 is a flagship Android smartphone that would be available to buyers in March 2017. Nokia D1 comes with 5 inches Full HD display, 13-megapixel camera, Snapdragon 430 chipset and 3GB RAM. The images of D1 reveal a simple long-from design with three buttons below the screen. The elliptical shape of the centre home button hints it could be a physical key, like with Samsung’s J series design, but will also probably include a fingerprint scanner underneath. The phone is made narrow but taller in height to probably customize it for one hand use.

Leaked Specification of The Nokia E1:

The Nokia E1 has not been named officially, but appears to be the second variant with a bigger 5.5 inch display and 2GB RAM. This would be in line with the previous leaks that said Nokia could launch two smartphones in the budget segment instead of one, and we have been calling them the ‘two variants of Nokia D1C’. If Nokia E1 is not that the ‘second variant’, we are looking at three budget Nokia Android phones being launched in March. Both the E1 and D1 look similar except for the size and the internal specs. The Nokia E1 Android smartphone home button is a capacity key, like the other two beside it, which means that phone would not include a fingerprint sensor. There’s Nokia branding on the top right corner with the front camera, speaker grille and sensors.

All Nokia’s upcoming android smartphones would be running on Android Nougat out of the box. Nokia will be pursuing with stock Android UI instead of developing its own UI.
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