How To Download Latest Opera Web Browser Neon Offline Installer

Opera has recently released a new web browser called "Opera Neon" which is modern, stylish and has been called as a concept browser by the company. According to Opera company, Opera Neon web browser has been developed to show what traditional Opera browser for computers could become.

Opera Neon for mac

Opera Neon features a clean and minimal User Interface (UI) without any clutter. It loads web pages very fast but provides very few options to customize.

Since Opera Neon is currently under development, the company will continue adding new features and functionality to the browser in coming days.

There is one small issue with Opera Neon web browser and that is its online installer. Actually Opera is providing an online installer for Opera Neon web browser so once you download the installer, you need an Internet connection to download full setup files. If you are planning to install the browser in multiple computers, you will need to download the setup files in all computers. It will require lots of time and will also waste your Internet connection bandwidth.

Unfortunately Opera has not released standalone offline installer for Opera Neon. I will be sharing a link to download the Offline installer of Opera Neon web browser which already contains all required setup files and doesn't need Internet connection at the time of installation.

The following linke below are the direct download links of Opera Neon offline installers:

Download Opera Neon Standalone Offline Installer for Windows

Download Opera Neon Standalone Offline Installer for Mac

Now you can install Opera Neon web browser in many computer systems without any need of Internet connection.

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