How To Solve/Fix Errors in Android Smartphone

There are two similar errors that can pop up in your android smartphone. Both relate to the same issue but they can surface in different forms. This error can appear either as “ has stopped unexpectedly” or “Unfortunately the process has stopped”.

How To Solve/Fix Errors in Android Smartphone

Clear the Cache:

Clear the cache of the application that is poping the error or the app that you tried to use when you got the error. Click here for cache details.

Google Play Services

Deleting your Google Play Services data is not going to affect your system. What it will actually do is clear your preferences for the platform. You can do this by accessing the Apps section of your Settings and going to Google Play Services. The page that comes after that has a Clear Cache option.

App preferences

You could also reset the preferences of ALL your apps, not only the Google Play Store services. This is done from the same Settings page, which houses the Apps>All section. Keep in mind that this won’t delete any data stored for your phone’s applications, but merely reset the settings for all of them. You can easily reconfigure your apps settings without having to lose data.
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