You Can Now Search For Programming Syntax Using SyntaxDB search engine

Google may get answers for you by queering websites, but it fails miserably for programmers who have various coding related queries. The only avenue left for upcoming programmers new to the field to find answers for coding related queries is sites like Stack Overflow, Quora etc. Asking queries on these websites is also a problem as the coders are left to the mercy of programmers who answer. Now the programmer’s job is made easy by SyntaxDB.

Anthony Nguyen, a software developer studying at Queen’s University, has created SyntaxDB which is a ‘search engine’ for programming syntax. This website calls itself the programming syntax database and allows coders to search programming related query. Nguyen says SyntaxDB is especially helpful for those who often use search engines for their programming related queries.

SyntaxDB appeals to a upcoming programmer with its clean UI and simple usage.You just need to enter a language or a concept and SyntaxDB throws up the relevant answers.The search engine takes programmers to a search result page based on the best solutions available. Once you click on a concept, you are shown a small definition and syntax along with some related notes and examples. In the right sidebar, there are links to the official documentations for more help.

Nguyen says that SyntaxDB currently supports 9 languages — Java, C, C++, C#, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Swift, and Go and will be adding more soon. SyntaxDB also has integration with DuckDuckGo, Slack, and Visual Studio Code to help programmers find the best possible reply to a coding problem. SyntaxDB also offers upcoming programmers its API so that they can write their own integration.

Nguyen also hopes to bring more plugins for code editors and increase the size of the database so that it becomes a Google of sort for programmers.
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