How To Turn Your Smartphone into Laptop/PCs With New Remix OS For Mobile Phone

Nowadays many of us carry powerful smartphones in our pockets each day and not only that, even in few cases those smartphones are more powerful than some older laptops or desktop computers.

Today we will talk about a concept which is not brand new concept. Yes, we are talking about a concept that we have already seen Microsoft do this with Windows 10, as we are talking about Continuum. As we told that this is the idea that the tech giant Microsoft wants for its ecosystem but that has now been copied by the Chinese Jide, responsible for Remix OS.

It’s called Remix Singularity and it’s a Continuum style from Microsoft, only with Android. Jide, based in Beijing, seems to have finally got an Android smartphone to become much more than a smartphone, given all the hardware it has and the performance it offers.

With the Remix Singularity feature, just you have to plug your smartphone into a monitor/TV to have an authentic PC. Didn’t able to get it, don’t worry, simply watch this video to see that how everything works:-

In smartphone mode, the Chinese company ensures that the user will have available a nearly pure interface that will ensure the best experience. According to the company information, this feature will be available by this summer and will undoubtedly be a strong point of Remix OS.

So, what do you think about this new feature of Remix OS? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.
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