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The trivial effect of duplicate files on your Android device is, it occupies a lot of precious storage space. Above that, it makes your device run slow and cause many performance issues. The reasons of these files on your device could be many like file sharing, data backup, file downloading etc. These files accumulate on your device over time and wreak havoc to it. You can perform manual cleaning of your device to get rid of these files or the best way possible could be to use duplicate file remover tools.

Use Duplicate Files Fixer to clean your device from all identical files to get seamless Android performance. This app offers some impressive functions. Let’s discuss those functions here.


Select Scan Type: The app requires you to select Scan Type in the first step to find duplicate files on your device. You can select a specific folder or opt Full Scan mode. Once you hit the Scan Now button, the app will start scanning your device including SD card (except on 4.4 OS Android version) on it.

Scan in Process: Scanning process is swift and designed to deliver accurate results. In Full Scan mode, it may take a while to scan the whole device.

Scan Results: The results are displayed in the auto-mark format in groups, where all last file (s) from the group remain marked to be deleted. Next option is to select “Mark All except last” to mark all first file (s) from the groups to be removed. You can select “Unmark All” option to manually mark the files to remove. Now click on the “Backup Now” button to take backup of the files (on Cloud) or hit “Delete Now” button to instantly get rid of all files.

Unmark Shortest File Location: This function allows you to unmark those identical files (from deletion) which exist at the shortest file location on your device storage. At the same time, it will keep those files marked to remove, which exist at the longest file location.


Ignore List: This useful feature helps you add or remove folders to Ignore List. This way you can keep your personal or important folders untouched from the scanning process.

Scan filters: Using this function, you can add filters to your scanning process. Filters like same name, same size, the same content can help you get accurate results. You can even add 0-byte files and hidden files & folders to the scanning process. Alternatively, you can set default settings.

Language: App offers multiple language options to help users around the world.

Themes: Classic and Material themes are useful addition to offer some interactive and intuitive user-interface. Both the themes are easy and user-friendly.

The primary benefit of using Duplicate Files Fixer is that it offers instant and accurate results. It scans and finds duplicate files even from the remotest corner of your device storage space. The app offers impressive results and is easy to use at the same time. So if you are looking to de-duplicate your device in an instant manner, we highly suggest you this app.
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