How To Remove/Stop 'Netalpha Virus' on Your Android Smartphone

Android Operating System (OS) is the most used OS in the world today no doubt about that, and thats one of its weakness. Android OS is exposed to various users and gives hackers time to study the OS. finds its weaknesses and look for a way to exploit them by creating virus. That is why android OS updates is coming as often as possible to patch up the OS.

Some android OS virus can auto-root your smartphone without the owner knowing, some android OS virus will even take charge of your android smartphone, then install apps by it self, turn ON wifi and data, also sometimes hinder you from making calls.

Have you heard of a virus called Netalpha virus? if Yes, skip to next and if No read on.

What is Netalpha Virus? its a new type of malware that infect android smartphones and tablet, it installs apps on your phone without your permission, steal vital information on your smartphone and send it to its creator. It renders your mobile phone or device useless.

How To Remove/Stop 'Netalpha Virus' on Your Android Smartphone

  • Boot the device into safe mode (Press and hold the Power button until the respective screen pops up)

  • Click and hold the option that says Power off. Depending on the vendor and the phone model, the methods can vary.

  • Confirm rebooting into safe mode by tapping OK

  • When in safe mode, go to Settings and select Apps

  • Scroll down the list of programs and locate Netalpha, Key Chain, Fast Search, and Xiny. The troublemaker can also be an object named BaDoink, Engriks, Time Service, MonkeyTest, Quick Swipe, Measure, mobileOcr, UpService, or some other suspicious app that was recently installed
  • Tap each offending app in turn and select the Uninstall option. If this button is not active, try Force stop first
  • Tap OK on the confirmation dialog to uninstall the virus
  • Restart your device in normal mode. The Netalpha virus by now should be completely off your anndroid smartphone and finally, make sure you install a standard antivirus to prevent future attack.
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