Have You Seen This iron Man Suit? Creator Takes Flight at Ted

Early this month, we have seen British inventor Richard Browning build an incredible Real-life Iron Man suit that flies. Richard Browning was an ex-Royal Marine reservist. He believes that his iron man prototype is “like riding a bicycle in three dimensions”

Richard Browning named his Iron Man suit prototype as Daedalus Flight suit. Richard Browning had flown his Ironman suit in Technology, Entertainment and Design (Ted) conference in Vancouver. He flew in a circle and hovered a short distance from the ground.

According to the reports from BBC, Richard Browning claimed that the suit is capable of flying at approximately 200mph (321Km/h) and an altitude of a few thousand feet. The suit right now can fly uninterrupted for around 10 minutes.

For those who are thinking what are the power sources of the suit? Well, the suit contains small jet engines that are mounted on the arms and the lower back which provides propulsion for the suit.

The suit is powered by highly flammable liquid fuel that Richard browning carries at the backpack equipped with fuel bladders. So, what do you think about this? Share your views in the comment box below.
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