How To Force Your Mobile Data To ON For Android Smartphone

An android smartphone that can not browse is that one an android smartphone? LOLZ 

Browsing is one of the measure reason why we buy and use android smartphones. Then just imagine a smartphone that can not browse all you have left to do with it is just to make phone call, play music and videos, take pictures and videos, and nothing more interesting. For this reason i have put together possible solutions to the following problem below.

This post will answer the following questions:
  • How can i by-force turn on my mobile data for android?
  • My data has refuse to turn ON why?

How To Force Your Mobile Data To ON For Android Smartphone

Check whether you have exceeded your Mobile data limit

If you set a mobile data limit on your android smartphone, the option helps users to save data usage. The data limit option simply stops mobile data once the limit is crossed. So check if it is ON and check if you have exceed the limit.
  • Goto Settings
  • Tap Data usage
  • Check the limit if it is turned ON

Turn Airplane Mode ON and OFF

This method of turning ON and OFF of airplane mode is quite quick and easy. It should be the first thing that will come into your mind once your mobile data refuses to turn ON. This will just disconnect you from the cellular network provider for some time and then again make the request for the connection right from the beginning on the servers.

Reboot With Airplane mode ActiveFix Cellular Data Not Working on Android

Reboot your android smartphone for a while when the airplane mode is ON. Once your android smartphone finishes booting, then turn OFF the airplane mode.

Reset Access Point Name (APN)

Different Internet Service Provider (ISP) use different APN and most times, once the APN is changed, the data connection could be lost. To solve this issue, you should try to reset the APN from your android smartphone or manually request for the Internet Settings from your internet service provider and then install it on your android smartphone.
  • Goto settings
  • Tap Mobile network
  • Tap Access Point Names (APN)
  • Tap the menu button 
  • Tap Reset to default

Configure your APN Manually

If you cant get the internet settings from the internet service provider, you can manually configure the APN on your android smartphone by yourself. 
Note: Like as i said earlier, the APN for different service providers is different so find the exact APN for your internet service provider from the internet and then configure it with the steps below.
  • Goto settings
  • Tap Mobile network
  • Tap Access Point Names (APN)
  • Tap New APN
  • Configure it and Tap on Save.

Switch Between Network Generations (3G/4G)

Their might be a case in which all the method mentioned above will not work. The case is, if the network generation you are using is not available in that area. i will recommend you switch between them or setting it to automatic.
  • Goto settings
  • Tap Mobile network
  • Tap 2G/3G/4G Service

Factory Reset Your android smartphone.

Well, if anything mentioned above doesn’t seem to work. Then you may consider performing a factory reset of your android smartphone.
Note: Factory reset option will erase everything from your android smartphone. Therefore, make sure to have a proper backup before doing a factory reset.
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