How To Detect Latest Scam Techniques (Phishing Attack) Using Google Docs Link

Cyber crime and criminal seems to be the order of the net (web). Cyber criminal are concurrently finding new ways to make sure they target new users. Recently, a new Google Docs phishing scam surfaced on the internet. Be warned, if you received an email from your contact list or from any one with a Google document, don’t open it.

When you talk about phishing, a technique in which a hacker tries to steal personal data from a person or organization, but you think you’re too smart to be deceived. That’s where the problem is: some attacks are more sophisticated and we need a little attention to unmask them.

The phishing emails are mostly addressed to with the predetermined target placed in the BCC field. Let’s me explain how this attack takes place:

If any user clicks the link, he/she will be redirected to Google accounts page with different Google accounts. The page will ask to give permission to the app named “Google Docs”. Google docs is a fake app here. Once, the permission was granted, the app can read email address and can spread the message to all your contacts.

Google had taken steps against this attack, the company disable the accounts from where the hack started. Google’s security team is also working to prevent such phishing attempt in the future. Google said that the attack affected less than 1million users.

So, if you find any similar email, don’t click on it. If you want to make sure that you haven’t been hit by the phishing attack, then you need to visit this link and check for any suspicious app named Google Docs. If you found any, remove it.
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