Opera Max 3.0 | Upgrade of Opera Max applicatin with New User Interface, Data Saving Tips and Facbook Tools

Opera Max upgrade version 3.0 offers new features that are outstanding. Opera max is a service of Opera which enables data saving to users. To achieve this, opera max uses a VNP that links user to Opera servers, where our content is optimized and prepared to consume fewer data.

The new version, now presented further reinforces these savings, bringing them to new levels and now covering new areas, which continued to escape these mechanisms. It remains a service that does not require configuration to function, simply launching and getting ready to VPN for Opera.

According to Opera, the new version has a completely redesigned design, which guarantees a much greater control of the user data for each of the different applications. The use of a card interface facilitates the presentation of information.

Other feature to note is the new facebook saving of data. With a simple touch, a web app version of the largest Internet social network, Facebook, circulating through Opera’s VPN, is launched, achieving a 50% reduction in consumption.

Download opera max 3.0 application from here.
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