Have You Seen A Smartphone With Four Camera's? Meet Oukitel U22

Each time we rely more on our smartphones to take pictures, our needs for mobile cameras increase and as time passes we want more and better quality. To meet these needs, smartphones begin to integrate dual-lens front and rear cameras. But now, the Oukitel brand has surprised us all by launching the new smartphone U22, with the dual lens, at both front and back.

Oukitel is a brand that you may not know about. They are known for making smartphones that are very resistant. In addition, they are not usually priced too high but their offers are most interesting. Oukitel has already launched the economical Oukitel U20 with the double posterior lens at the end of last year and now has wanted to go a step further.

The Chinese brand presents its new model the U22. This is the first smartphone with four cameras. The U22 will have two front cameras and two rear cameras. In addition, they will be equipped with LED flashes. Undoubtedly a future bet on the part of the company.

We know some details about this new model of Oukitel. As far as we know so far, the main camera will be located at the rear and will have a 13 + 8 MP sensor. While the front will have two 5 + 8 MP sensors. In addition, both will add secondary sensor of 2 MP. Therefore, you can also get selfies more than acceptable with the front camera.

The operation of the four cameras resembles that of the dual cameras used in 3D. The main sensor captures the general information and the secondary sensor depth. In addition, Oukitel has promised that the camera software will be optimized for the highest quality in the photos.

Apart from all the camera data, very few details of this new phone are known. It is known that the screen will have a curvature of 2.5D and will be made with soft glass. The smartphone will also feature a fingerprint sensor on the back.

The world is very beautiful. Why not take a photo? This is the slogan chosen by Outkitel for the U22. The phone will be available to book in mid-May, although its official launch date is still unknown. The U22 will be available in three colors: white, black and gold. Undoubtedly, with the U22, Oukitel has taken a major advantage in the smartphone market and there is a lot of curiosity about the phone.

So, What do you think of this new smartphone? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.
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