How to Clear iPhone’s Memory Without Turning it Off

Learn how to Clear iPhone’s Memory Without Powering it Off using the simple ios trick that will help you to easily implement this in your iPhone. So have a look on complete guide discussed below to proceed.

IPhone is one of the best smartphones that most of the smartphone lover loves to use. As it is the giant and well-known brand iPhone. And till now even I had written lots of articles about iPhone tips, tricks, and hacks. As this is the platform where only limited hacks are possible but we still find some ways to do the tweaks and love to share them with our readers. And similarly, we are here with a cool guide that you will surely gonna love to try. As with time devices start getting slow and the same thing happens to iPhone too and at that time user goes for clearing the memory and for that they do restart their device and clear the memory of their iPhone. But what if you don’t want to restart your device for some reason. Then what will you do? Will you have any alternative? If no then don’t worry as today we are here with the same guide. A guide that will allow ios user to clear memory without restarting the device. Yes, that’s possible and you can easily implement this. And memory will get cleared and your device will performance will be regained. So have a look on complete guide discussed below to proceed.

The method is quite simple and easy and you will be proceeding with the same way that you use for restarting the device and then clearing the memory the only difference will be there before clicking the power off, a simple trick that will clear the memory but your device will not get restarted. So follow up the below steps to proceed.

Steps to Clear iPhone’s Memory Without Powering it Off:

First of on your ios device long press the power button till you see the option “Slide to Power Off” and don’t slide that bar ss it will switch off your device as you all know that.

And now you just need to Hold the Home button down until the iPhone returns to the home screen.

Hold home button as this will initiate the memory clear process at backend that you can’t see but actually, it’s happening.

And that’s it you are done, now you will be at home screen and memory will get cleared if you had done it correctly. And now you will see your ios speed will get a boost without and restart of your device.

So the above guide was all about How to Clear iPhone’s Memory Without Powering it Off. If you implement this correctly then you will be surely happy with this cool guide as it is the easiest way to clear memory in your iPhone. And hope you like the guide, keep on sharing with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this as the will be always there to assist you in any of your technical issues.
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