How To Get Free 100MB From MTN and You Can Accumulate Up To 1GB

Hurry while this free MTN 100MB cheat last. MTN has released a method of giving out free 100MB to their customers who download their MTN application.

here, i will be showing you how to activate and accumulate the offer up to 1000MB (1gb) without downloading the application because you get 100mb once you download the app. So follow this method below to get more than 100mb.
How To Get Free 100MB From MTN
  • Open your SMS app and send XXXXXHSHSMyappHSHS to 131 as a text message.
  • after that, you should get a notification about the free 100MB like this; 
  • Dear customer, You now have a bonus of 100MB valid for 3days for downloading MyMTN App. Kindly dial *559*4# to check balance.
  • Now that you have gotten the free 100mb data, you can accumulate it to get up to 1gb by following the below steps... 
How To Accumulate The MTN 100MB Up To 1GB
  • To accumulate the data, dial *123*5*7*3# and select 1 to proceed, 
  • Select 1 again to choose "Myapp" and select 1 to finally unsubscribe.
  • Next, resend XXXXXHSHSMyappHSHS to 131 for another free 100MB.
Just continue repeating the step above and you will keep getting free 100MB till 1GB.

Note:  Once you get up to 1gb, please stop or the whole data will be wiped out from your SIM and am sure you wouldn't want that to happen. for now, there is no method to check the accumulated data balance.

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