Microsoft Wants to Pay You $250,000 If Only You Can Hack or Find a Bug in Their Products

Were are my hackers in the building? Microsoft Wants to Pay You $250,000 If Only You Can Hack or Find a Bug in Their Products

If you have enough computer knowledge, then the reward programs are a good way to make money. Virtually every company has one, even some famous porn websites also have reward programs. However, it is technological giants like Microsoft who offer the most money to users for finding errors in their software.

In the case of tech giant Microsoft’s latest rewards program, Windows is the goal or rather some of its programs and services related to the operating system. The company offers up to $250,000 prize money to find and report bugs in their software, but that’s the maximum amount you can aspire to.

The previous reward programs of this firm did not offer such succulent prizes. The only drawback is that locating those errors lives up to few people if any. It is not to open windows and report that WiFi does not work, but to detect errors in the software itself.

The programmers who have created it has done the best they know, though no one is perfect. The knowledge that is at least as extensive as that of the developers is needed to see what OS fails. It is the key to this Bounty Program, where technology companies need many eyes watching the code to be able to find the line that is not 100% perfect.

The programs and services affected are as follows:-
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Mitigation bypass and Bounty for defense
  • Windows Defender
  • Microsoft Edge Browser
  • Windows Insider Preview
In order to participate in the program, you first need to be in the slow ring of Windows Insider, a kind of permanent “beta” operating system that you can access. The rewards are higher as the difficulty increases, as it is normal, for only Hyper-V raises the bet to the aforementioned $250,000.

If you want to know the other requirements to participate, you can consult them on the tech giant Microsoft’s official website.
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