Tor Wants To Pay You $4,000 If Only You Can Hack Their Browser & Network

Browsing the Internet anonymously is not an easy task especially since everything we do gets registered. However, it is possible to “protect” our online privacy through additional tools that help us to hide our identity.

However, those who want to surf the Internet without a trace, Tor Browser is undoubtedly the best solution. Yes, Tor, the free software project to surf the Internet safely and privately, has opened its bug bounty program for all users and will reward security researchers with up to $ 4,000 for each of the bugs found on its platform.

Ensuring user security has become a top priority for all companies, especially those offering their services on the Internet. In order to find the vulnerabilities of their systems quickly to solve them as soon as possible and prevent them from being exploited by the attackers, many companies request the help of security researchers through bug bounty programs.

Surely on more than one occasion, you have heard of such an initiative. Through bug bounty programs, companies offer a number of rewards to white-hat hackers to uncover security breaches. Among the companies that use this type of programs, we can find the social media giant Facebook, the tech giant Google or Nintendo.

Now, the Tor browser has also joined this practice about a year and a half ago, but his bug bounty was aimed at private investigators. Thanks to the program, at this time, have been identified three bugs DoS and four of memory corruption, according to the platform. However, a critical vulnerability that was discovered last November was detected by other researchers outside the program.

To accommodate all researchers who wish to participate, Tor has opened the bug bounty to all users without restrictions through HackerOne. The project offers rewards for reporting the vulnerabilities of two of its major products, the Tor network, and Tor Browser.

However, if we talk about the prize money then let me clarify that the amount of the prize depends on the severity of the error and the amounts range from 100 to 4,000 dollars for each failure that is documented. For more information, go to the project page on HackerOne.

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